What Is Oil Shale ?

Oil shale is a hydrocarbon bearing rock that occurs in many countries around the world.  World oil shale reserves are about 3 trillion tons which is three times more than crude oil reserves, Jordan ranks second in terms of oil shale reserves since oil shale reserves are calculated at about 100 billion tons. Oil shale is currently the main source of energy in Jordan and it will remain a very important source of energy in the foreseeable future.

The Jordanian oil shale is regarded as one of the highest quality oil shale in the world where it contains more than 10% its weight in oil and 5% its weight in the form of gas, the caloric value is in the range of 1500 kilo calories per kg, this makes oil shale an important and strategic source of energy.


Galaxy Stone for Marble and Natural Stone Company (AlMajrrah)

Galaxy Stone is working in close cooperation with Site Group Company Ltd (a BAUER Resources GmbH) which is the technical arm that will conduct all related geological studies, coring and drilling activities, has more than 30 years of vast experience in this field and has conducted the majority of exploration program and mining projects including most oil shale studies in Jordan.

Galaxy Stone will also cooperate with world leader financial institutions and technology providers to ensure successful implementation of the project.

There are many ways to use oil shale economically and cleanly such as: (1) the generation of power by direct burning, (2) oil and gas extraction by retorting, (3) use in petrochemical industries, (4) in cement production as both for fuel and raw materials, (5) as filling materials, (6) in production of synthetic fibers and polymerization, (7) some medical pastes, (8) the production of asphalt for paving roads and (10) for fertilizer production.

The main consumers of these products are: