GALAXY STONE is licensed to trade and supply the best quality natural Zeolite, Pozzolana, Agrozio B1 and Eco Cermit from the largest mines in the Middle East located in the southern region of Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Our mines are more than one million square meters with reserve of more than sixty million tons of Zeolite, Pozzolana, Agrozio B1, and Eco Cermit.

Zeolite is a 100% Natural Material

Zeolite minerals are also known as aluminum silicate, consist of mainly sodium, calcium, and water. It is naturally formed from the interaction of ground water with volcanic rocks or clay minerals. Zeolite is made up of a group of natural minerals that are very useful in agricultural, aquacultural, manufacturing, and environmental industries. Modern agriculture is witnessing wide uses of Zeolite as a result of its chemical, nutrient, and physical properties. 

The North Eastern and Southern region of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan are rich in Zeolite ores. It is discovered on the surface, close to the roads in most locations. The Jordanian Zeolite ores are characterized by its high purity and its large reserves (quantity and quality).

Characteristics of Zeolite

Zeolite in fish farming

Uses of Zeolite in Green Spaces Golf Courses

Zeolite is used in quipping soil bodies to improve the characteristics of the soil, as it is more efficient than using sand as it prevents erosion and helps maintain healthy and green grass. Additionally, the physical, biological, and chemical aspects of Zeolite work as a means for excess-water absorption, this contributes to the prevention of root rot and the dying of green surfaces.

Major Agricultural Uses of Zeolite

  • Zeolite helps reclaim poor sandy lands restore clay minerals and increases cohesion while reducing the loss of water and fertilizers
  • Zeolite helps improve clay soil structure and increases its permeability
  • Used as a fertilizer that provides plants with needed nutrients by releasing its natural minerals in the soil
  • The high porosity of Zeolite help the stone reserve Ammonia, Potassium, Calssium, and Magnesium in its pores to be released naturally in the soil as needed.
  • Adding Zeolite to the soil reduces consumption of chemical fertilizers and eliminate water pollutants which extends the effectiveness of fertilizers for decades.
  • Zeolite significantly reduces the amounts of water needed for irrigation by an estimated 35-50%, which is vital at these times of global water shortage and crisis.
  • Adding Zeolite to the soil boosts the vitamins and grain size of the plants and enhances its immunity from diseases